We left out many harmful chemicals and, instead, use a smart scientific way to re-create a healthy alternative classic permanent waving line without sacrificing performance. This allows us to meets the needs of men and women who have a high demand for ultimate health. The result includes healthy, curly hair as well as a healthy body and healthy mind. 


Olive leaf and keratin

Light & Colored Perm gives volume and support to the hair, giving a soft and natural look also to treated hair. The new formula enriched with the oil extracted by the olive leaves, doesn’t contain ammonia and has no thioglycolates, so is ideal for all types of hair, stressed by previous treatments and colours. A combination of substances and emollient oils benefit the hair structure and the two protein molecules Cysteamine HCl and Arginine HCl contained in the formula ensure hydration, from roots to ends, creating a “defined” natural effect, without damaging the health of your hair. For professional use only.


Olive leaf and keratin

Liberty Light & Colored Perm dona volume e sostegno ai capelli, conferendo aspetto morbido e naturale anche ai capelli trattati. La nuova formula, arricchita con l’olio estratto dalle foglie d’ulivo, non contiene ammoniaca ed è priva di tioglicolati: è ideale per tutti tipi di capelli stressati da trattamenti e colorazioni. Una combinazione di sostanze e oli emollienti che apportano benefici alla struttura del capello, e le due molecole proteiche Cisteamina HCl e Arginina HCl contenute nella formula assicurano idratazione dalle radici alle punte, creando un effetto naturale “definito”, senza intaccare la salute dei capelli. Prodotto solo ad uso professionale.


Olive leaf and keratin

Liberty is a system created by My.Organics to renew the classic concept of permanent, meeting the needs of men and women who desire today a free and natural style, a practical and personal hairstyle, always paying attention to the health of their hair. Guarantees a fast and long-lasting fixing respecting the hair.


Camu camu and aloe

Curl Reviving is a no-rinse serum for curly, permed or naturally wavy hair. The special Anti-Frizz formula sculpts the curl and guarantees a long-lasting anti-frizz effect; a natural and defined styling is maintained throughout the day. Camu camu, an extraordinary antioxidant, revitalizes the hair and makes it elastic and shiny.