Since 1972

Born in 1972, in our family’s salon, an experience has changed our way of seeing cosmetic products. Our father loss his life to leukemia at the age of just 52. Some American studies done on leukemia aim the finger at the products which use petrochemical ingredients. Thus, an idea was born to make an organic and natural line which is free of harmful chemicals.

Not following others but creating a unique and an organic line that not only performs well but poses no harm to your health. We have chosen high quality organic certified vegetable-based ingredients and fragrances for our products” and called it “MY.ORGANICS.”


Each MY.ORGANICS’ cosmetic contains high concentration of pure essential oils extracted according to the most traditional and ancient techniques of collection. In order to obtain 100% natural ingredients.


All MY.ORGANICS’ lines contain exclusive products made from natural ingredients certified and grown using organic and biodynamic farming techniques.


The entire range MY.ORGANICS is suitable of any type of hair and skin. The healing powers, aromas and colors of each essence is preserved without chemical additives which will eliminate the problem of overly aggressive and harmful products.